Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There is a lot of activity in Aurora.  We just drove through on Highway 68 and stopped to check out the stage area.  The parade begins at 11 am.  My son will be driving his John Deere Lawn Tractor .  You will recognize him by the deer antlers mounted on the front of his antique John Deere Lawn Tractor.  St. Henry's Church has a yard sale Friday.  Stop by the Hitching Post and the Old Country Store.  Randy has wonderful food at Willow Pond Restaurant.  There are already vendors setting up.  In years past, there were pedestrians walking on either side of the rode. If you are early enough to park where the stage is set  up, that will put you in the center of the action. Please support Aurora Country Festival located near Ken Lake State Park and the new Hwy 80 so that the vendors will keep returning each year! For more info cal 270-703-6060


PS - Any advice on how to change the oil in a John Deere 214 lawn tractor (not antique yet).  We first need to remove the deer antler mount from the hood.  We stopped in Shop A Rama, Draffenville, for a filter.  Now what?  Joe said, " I hope it makes it", as we sized up the length of the Aurora parade route.