Keep your eyes on   for commercial listings. We may be seeing some Fannie & Freddie opportunities in our area.  There won't be a thousand of these in our area.  There may be a few , so the clients that prepare to buy before the opportunity arises  will be the winners! Talk to one of our agents.  We can also direct you to the PADD - Purchase Area Development District in Mayfield.  I have loan approval for 1st kY Realty new office from the PADD office.   They are great to work with.  Mark & I have personal experience with this loan application process.  Mark is currently working with a client moving forwar in this loan process for a commercial project.  Here is a link to the Purchase Area Development District office. Located in Mayfield, this office serves our region.  There is opportunity all around us! Let us guide you with your commercial needs.  There are some great values in the market now.  Wonderful business opportunities.On the left side of 1st kY Realty home page, there is a link , Commercial Property.  Use this link to  search for commercial properties.  The IDX search engine that drives the rest of the search criteria does not include commercial listings.  I believe that is one of the reasons you will not find commercial lisitngs on  You can not save the commercial listings to  your account like you can the residential searches.  The link that we have included for commercial listings is provided through my broker interface and Western KY Regional MLS service that  1st kY Realty is a member of.  This link is also applicable for  other types of searches, as you can see, but does not allow the extensive features of the IDX searches on the rest of our site that is not applicable to commercial.  Our Paragon MLS system does have a "Listing Cart"  feature that 1st KY Realty impemented , when it was first introduced, but cllients found it cumbersome, due to password restrictions. The clients love the current log on requirements of our home page which are NO PASSWORD REQUIRED and NO CAPTCHA!   If you are in the commercial market , please get with one of our brokers or agents.  There are some great buys now in the market.  1st kY Realty has some wonderful commercial land available, as well as real estaet with functioning business.  The period for the SBA  reduced fees is over, but interest rates are still low and  the PADD office was offering an approximate 5.25%  fixed 20 years for commercial rate.  If you want opportunity , you should be working with a 1st KY Realty agent.  I see it over and over. Our clients" success in the real estate market can be attributed to the great agents at 1st KY Realty!

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The agreements require an accelerated reduction of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s investment portfolios. Those portfolios will now be reduced at an annual rate of 15%- an increase from the 10% annual reduction required in the previous agreements. 

As a result of this changes, the GSEs’ investment portfolios must be reduced to the $250 billion target set in the previous agreements, except four years earlier than previously scheduled. 

The agreements also require that each submit a plan to Treasury on its actions to reduce taxpayer exposure to mortgage credit risk for both its guarantee book of business and retained investment portfolio. 

In addition, instead of turning over 10% of their profits as dividend payments to the Treasury on its preferred stock investments, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now must return all profits to Treasury. 

Both government sponsored entities returned to profitability this past quarter as housing prices have started to recover.