Many clients, new to Western Kentucky are shopping for homes. The names we nick name areas can be confusing.  Many areas are not true mapping and are technically the main city name. So if you do not find a search option for the area name, use the city in bold. For example Draffenville does not exist in Marshall county mailing purposes and is really Benton address. I have placed the counties with the names of the major city or cities on bold, with other areas in regular font.  Many areas, for example Reidland, located in McCracken, is Paducah and must be searched under Paducah. You may narrow the zip code to 42003, and then view the map to see which listings are located on the eastern side of Paducah because 42003 is also  the zip for some of the Lone Oak area.  We are happy to assist you to learn the handy dandy aspects of the website. Please call Mark Fredrick 270-978-1880.  or  Mike Brodie 270-978-7811 or Valerie Fredrick 270-978-1202