Are you thinking of purchasing a new home in Paducah, Murray, Benton, Cadiz, Gilbertsville ? If you missed the previous low, low interest rates.  Here is your second chance:

The 10 Year Treasury Yield dropped consistently throughout the beginning of May which caused fixed mortgage rates to follow suit . Please see below a copy & paste with current mortgage rates for conventional and government programs as provided in one of the many emails, I received.  These are no guaranteed and I do recommend shopping around a little, but it is easy to find a low interest rate this month.  LOCK IN AN INTEREST RATE, in case they should and will rise. .Please note that there will be additional closing costs and fees (there always are)  1st Ky Realty LLC reccommneds home buying in this interest rate dip.  You can purchase  a new or vacation home with the equity in your primary residence with a HELOC loan.  There are at low rates with mimnal closing costs and are more asset driven than income driven for qualification. Sincerely, Valerie


30 Year Conventional – 4.250%

20 Year Conventional – 4.0%

15 Year Conventional – 3.375%

10 Year Conventional – 3.0%

30 Year FHA – 3.750%

15 Year FHA – 3.0%

30 Year USDA Rural Housing  - 3.750%

This information is for Real Estate Professionals only and is not for public distribution.  This informational sheet does not constitute an advertisement under Regulation Z 1026.2(a)(2).